Not much is known about this fellow although Sir David Attenborough once did a "Wildlife on One" documentary following his day to day life.  After much internal wrangling at the beeb, the program never made it onto our screens as the content was judged to be unfit for human eyes....there is a rumor that the program will be released on bootleg video but will only be available on the beta max format.

In his school days, Sy once went to Iceland to study glacier formations. After 6 months he was told to leave, as the store was no longer selling frozen dairy products... how interesting.

Five quick facts about...Sy

  1. His name really has more than 2 letters.

  2. What you hear really does come out of his mouth.

  3. Phenomenal 'Not sick when munted' capability.

  4. That is his natural hair colour( see above)

  5. Brit awards double for U2's Bono.

Five quick quotes

  1. Trust me.

  2. I never said trust me.

  3. Definitely next right.

  4. No, i said defiantly next left.

  5. Who's round is it.

Anti Social Media