After spending several years conducting the Leicester WI Christmas panto Cieran decided to take a break from the spotlight to concentrate on his true passion of identifying ancient tartan patterns.After discovering the previously undiscovered 1746 Swaktang tartan he set out to trace the ancestors of this long lost mystery clan. The rest as they say is history

Quick facts about...Cieran

  1. His punctuality defies the laws of physics

  2. Has the ability to play bass and send text messages simultaneously

  3. Has the ability to identify pizza toppings from a 100 yards

  4. Can continue to smile whilst frowning

  5. Dislikes toothpaste

Five quick quotes

  1. YEAgH cool

  2. No mike I'm not driving you to Bristol to buy a snare

  3. No mike I'm not driving you to Aberdeen to buy a snare

  4. Does this one start on C

  5. As long as it's not fruity ill have a cider

Anti Social Media